Female friendship has an edge (and Nicki Minaj) in cut 'SNL' song

Female friendship is a delicate wonder.

'SNL' sketch explains why Tina Fey isn't in the 'Mean Girls' musical

Mean Girls is a musical now, but fans of the movie keep asking: Why isn't Tina Fey in the musical?

The hidden genius of Google’s 20% time

Do you know how Gmail, Google Maps, and Google News came to be? They were created by employees who took advantage of Google’s rule for employees to devote 20% of their work week to any project they’d like.

'13 Reasons Why' Season 2 bites off way more than it can chew

It feels like we are being told that Season 1 was meaningless, that it only skimmed the surface and isn't the real story.

The OnePlus 6 already looks like the best Android value of 2018

The OnePlus 6 is the company's hottest and most powerful phone to date.

Royal Wedding gets a royally awkward wedding video on 'Saturday Night Live'

Royals and celebs: They're just like us!

'Saturday Night Live' cold open is just a Trump-themed riff on 'The Sopranos'

Donald Trump walked into the final scene from 'The Sopranos' on 'SNL' this week.

Hawaii's Kilauea volcano could keep erupting for months. Here's why.

We don't know exactly when Kilauea's eruption might end, but we have a guess.

What Yanny vs. Laurel taught us: We yearn to be divided

We needed a new thing that could tear us apart in a safer, more innocent way.

Concrete Foam

This foam turns into strong concrete right before your eyes.

Mashable UK

Feeling Royal Wedding hungover? Ease your symptoms and find yourself a Prince Charming.

Burger flipping robot

There’s a robot chef flipping burgers at CaliBurger and its efficiency means you’ll probably be served by one in the near future.

'American Animals' isn't your typical true-crime drama

"These are real people, these are real decisions, there are real consequences."

People can't stop talking about this 'brilliant' National Geographic cover

The world's plastic pollution problem is "just the tip of the iceberg."

Loomo by Segway Robotics

This segway robot is like a real life R2-D2.

Holy prequel, Batman! Alfred Pennyworth is getting his own origin story on TV

Bruce Wayne's butler is finally getting a TV show that explains how he wound up raising Batman.

The rise and fall of lawn darts

If you've never played the game, there's a good reason.

Emilia Clarke says she was always paid equally on 'Game of Thrones'

That Clarke even knows this is extremely telling.

Robot carpenters

Forget IKEA, MIT is working on a system of robot carpenters that can build your furniture at home.

VR porn will never take off until it solves these 3 problems

We watched a bunch of VR porn to figure out what's wrong with it.

LaCroix bathing suits are here just in time for summer

Are you more of a zesty Lime or a Pamplemousse?

How a bunch of high school students are using VR to help kids with autism

Virtual reality may finally be having a moment, at least for one community.

Smart Collar

This smart collar is like a Fitbit for your dog.

'Solo' is something new in Star Wars. Old-school fans will love it.

Warning: 'Solo' spoilers ahead!

Hungry, hungry black hole would take only two days to eat the mass of our sun

Astronomers have just discovered a black hole that's growing faster than any other black hole yet found in the universe 😱

How 'Magic: The Gathering' thought beyond nostalgia and brought me back to the game

Magic: The Gathering seems to be a rare example of something we loved as kids becoming less problematic over time.

Critics think 'Deadpool 2' is more of the same

Can a sequel ever surpass the original?

'People You May Know' is the creepy Facebook feature hiding in plain sight

'People You May Know' is the perfect demonstration of everything that's wrong with Facebook.

For cryptocurrency to go mainstream, it needs tools like these

Cryptocurrency is going legit in a big way.

To win back teens, Facebook launched a website

Facebook has launched a "youth portal" for "teens" featuring things "teens" like such as dancing emoji, social justice, and "blog posts."

Google removes 'Don't Be Evil' motto from its Code of Conduct

To be evil or not to be evil — that is the question, Google.

9 podcasts to help you understand *everything happening in the news*

No matter what, if you want to understand everything happening in the news, there IS a podcast for you.

Stunning helicopter footage shows Hawaii volcano's fast-moving lava flow

The United States Geological Survey released stunning new footage on Saturday.

5 times Boston Dynamics robots scared the hell out of us

Thanks, Boston Dynamics. Thanks.

'The Fifth Element' director Luc Besson under investigation for rape

The accusation comes from an unnamed 27-year-old French actress who is said to have known the filmmaker for years.

Asia Argento: 'I was raped by Harvey Weinstein here at Cannes'

Asia Argento closed out her 2018 Cannes Film Festival experience with a powerful speech.

The best memes from the Royal Wedding

When all eyes are drawn to a single event, there will be memes. Oh, there will be memes.


New initiates had to wear a dog collar.

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A moment of silence for Meghan Markle's ultimate glow up

Meghan Markle was once just a young tourist sitting on the railing in front of Buckingham Palace.

New Starbucks policy: You don't need to buy their coffee to sit or use the bathroom

Starbucks executives have claimed the old policies were "loose and ambiguous," which left the decision to managers and employees.

The Royal Wedding is over. Now watch Sterling K. Brown twerk.

The moment you've all been waiting for has arrived.

Did You Know

He pushed his sword into the stone ground which "yielded like butter."

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IQbuds Boost review: pricey earbud, bargain hearing aid

A "true wireless" pair of headphones that doesn't just play music, but also improves your hearing.

The darker past of nostalgia, once a deadly mental illness

"It was once a medical disease that could end fatally."